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Pixvana, a virtual reality solution provider, has released SPIN Studio 2.0, bringing a range of optimizations and features to their authoring, editing and distribution platforms. This release is designed to help development teams integrate immersive experiences into training courses. In addition, Pixvana offers a free SPIN Studio Lite tool for optimizing VR screencasting.

SPIN Studio 2.0 incorporates three key interactive features for the training experience: Q&A, Quiz and Treasure Hunt. This tool is designed to help teams assess performance and progress, as well as dynamically optimize content. This platform also provides advanced analytics that can be used to measure engagement and effectiveness of training sessions. Analytical maps, gaze point heat maps and real-time feedback provide powerful schedule monitoring and provide performance and behavioral data that is not possible with traditional training programs.


Pixvana's enterprise platform now allows organizations to distribute their XR content to multiple head-mounted and 2D screens (smartphones, tablets and PCs), effectively expanding coverage and allowing users to access relevant experiences anytime, anywhere.

In order to achieve faster speed and higher video quality, the company completely rebuilt the platform architecture. Utilizing a highly resilient, high-performance GPU rendering farm, the new SPIN Studio 2.0 pipeline now delivers data up to ten times faster than the original version and delivers the highest "5.7K" streaming and download performance available today.

xxBeverly Vessella, Pixvana's vice president of products, said: "SPIN Studio 2.0 is able to handle XR media content in a better, faster and more efficient way, and provides features designed specifically for the enterprise to enhance the immersive experience. Now, the learning and development team can Easier integration of XR content into their training sessions makes it easy to manage content and distribution tools. Interactive narratives bring learners from traditional classrooms to immersive 360-degree experiences that have been proven to enhance learning.

For users who want to share high quality XR videos in a simple way, Pixvana has a free screencast solution for you. SPIN Studio Lite allows users to easily distribute immersive content. You can upload high-quality XR content to the cloud with a simple drag-and-drop function, and then transfer the content to any number of headers. SPIN Studio Lite also allows administrators to guide viewers in any experience, supporting virtual classrooms and narration events.

Vessella pointed out: "Sharing content is by far the biggest pain point for XR creators. For creators, there has never been a simple and effective way to share immersive content to groups of all sizes. Now you only need to upload content. get the code and type it, then start streaming the content to the world's headlines."

Chris Piri, CEO of The Learning Futures Group and former Microsoft Chief Learning Officer, said: “Pixvana is an innovative company that has been working to simplify VR and make it easier for mainstream adoption. The introduction of SPIN Studio 2.0 and SPIN Studio Lite simplifies The creation and distribution of XRs are especially useful for learning and development teams looking for innovative solutions, and can provide better results for organizations and their internal staff."

xxPixvana SPIN Studio 2.0和SPIN Studio Lite支持所有的Oculus产品和离线环境。更多关于Pixvana解决方案和服务的信息,请访问Pixvana官网。